Disastrous and Unprecedented Exacerbation of all Basic Services in the Gaza Strip Due to Power Outages


Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, July 12, 2017

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) is strongly concerned over an unprecedented deterioration of the electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip and warns of the disastrous consequences of the already deteriorating humanitarian situation. PCHR highlights that the power outage has reached over 20 hours a day for over 3 months, due to which the people’s houses and workplaces were turned into hell especially under the very high temperature and humidity. The electricity crisis has resulted in accelerated aggravation of all basic services, mainly the health services and environmental health services, including the water and sewage network. Therefore, the industrial and commercial facilities faced unprecedented and additional problems to those they already have had.

The electricity crisis has increased following the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) call upon the Israeli authorities to minimize the electricity supply to the Gaza Strip and minimize the monthly payments to Israel for that electricity supply…