Genocide in Gaza, nearly 600 Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces


Defense for Children InternationalPalestine, 13.10.2023

Ramallah, October 13, 2023 – At least 583 Palestinian children have been killed by the Israeli military offensive on Gaza, representing one-third of the total death toll, with casualty count rapidly rising as Israeli authorities seal Palestinians in Gaza off from food, fuel, electricity, water, and medical supplies.

“Israeli officials’ statements combined with widespread and systematic attacks carried out by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip raise extreme concern that this is now a campaign of genocide against the Palestinian people,” said Brad Parker, attorney and senior policy adviser at Defense for Children International – Palestine. “Israeli military assaults have reached an intensity where they are seemingly intended to deliberately kill large numbers of Palestinians in Gaza, and combined with Israeli total closure policies, show the aim is to destroy Palestinian life in Gaza…

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