Fourth Case in 2019: Palestinian Prisoner Dies in Israeli Prison Suspicions of Medical Neglect Arise


Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, November 26, 2019

On Tuesday morning, 26 November 2019, Palestinian prisoner, Sami Abu-Diak (36) died at al-Ramla prison clinic. Abu-Diak, from Silat al-Dahr village near Jenin, had spent 17 years in Israeli prison, and was recently transferred to the clinic in Israel due to his deteriorating health condition, as he had cancer since 2015. The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) holds Israeli authorities responsible for Abu-Daik’s death, and expresses its concern that Israeli authorities stalled in providing adequate and timely medical care for the deceased. PCHR condemns the Israeli neglect of numerous calls for Abu-Diak’s release, as is standard in humanitarian cases like his, despite knowledge of his ailing health, choosing to leave him to die in prison.

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) had arrested Abu-Diak on 17 July 2002 and he was given three-life-time sentences in addition to another 30 years. Abu-Diak was diagnosed with cancer after undergoing a gastrectomy at Soroka Medical Center in 2015 as he suffered both pulmonary and renal failures…