In New Crime of Excessive Use of Lethal Force against Peaceful Demonstrators in Gaza Strip, Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Civilian and Wound 78 Others, including 18 Children, 2 Women and 2 Journalists


Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, July 20, 2018

On Friday, 20 July 2018, using excessive lethal force against the peaceful protesters in eastern Gaza Strip for the 17th Friday in a row, Israeli forces killed a Palestinian civilian and wounded 78 other civilians, including 18 children, 2 women and  2 journalists. Seven of those wounded sustained serious wounds. Moreover, dozens of civilians suffered tear gas inhalation.  Upon a Decision by the highest political and military echelons, the Israeli forces continued to use excessive force against the peaceful protesters, who posed no threat to the life of the soldiers.

Coinciding with the suppression of peaceful demonstrations, Israeli warplanes and artilleries targeted 7 military sites in the eastern Gaza Strip, which resulted in the killing of 3 members of armed resistance groups. The spokesperson of the Israeli forces claimed that the attack was in response to the shooting at a military force in the southern Gaza strip. The spokesperson of the Israeli forces also declared that the Israeli warplanes launched airstrikes targeting several sites in the Gaza Strip, as the airstrikes have been on while making this press release, portending an increase in the number of casualties…