In New Crime of Israeli War Crimes, Pregnant Woman Along with her Child killed and her Husband Wounded in Wave of Military Escalation in the Gaza Strip


Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, August 9, 2018

Today at dawn, 09 August 2018, Israeli forces killed an 8-month pregnant woman along with her 1.5-year-old child and wounded her husband after targeting their house by a missile in al-Salqa Valley village in the center of the Gaza Strip. The Israeli forces escalated their attack against the Gaza Strip since yesterday evening until today’s morning hours. Dozens of missiles were launched by the Israeli warplanes at many agricultural lands and sites belonging to Palestinian armed groups, causing severe damage to them, other nearby facilities and houses. Moreover, 2 civilians were wounded and dozens of the Gaza Strip residents sustained bruises and panicked. The Israeli forces also targeted a civilian car carrying 2 members of the armed resistance groups. As a result, one of them was killed while the other one was wounded in the northern Gaza Strip…