Most Violent Attack against Palestinian fishermen in Gaza Sea since the Beginning of the Year: Israeli Forces Wound and Arrest 5 Fishermen and Confiscate and Destroy 3 Fishing Boats


Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, February 21, 2019

Israeli chase of Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Sea on 20 February 2019 resulted in the arrest and injury of 5 fishermen and confiscation and damage of 3 fishing boats in 2 separate incidents occurred in Khan Younis and Rafah Sea.  This came as part of the Israeli ongoing attacks against Palestinian fishermen and preventing them from freely fishing and accessing the fish-breeding areas.

According to PCHR’s investigations, at approximately 21:00 on Wednesday, 20 January 2019, Israeli gunboats stationed off Khan Younis shore in the southern Gaza Strip chased Palestinian fishing boats sailing within 11 nautical miles. The Israeli gunboats then opened fire and surrounded 2 fishing boat…