PCHR Calls for Investigating Death of Man and Injury of another One in Regrettable Incidents in Jenin


Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

Press Releases, 30 December 2013

The PalestinianCenter for Human Rights (PCHR) calls upon the Attorney General in Ramallah to open a serious investigation into regrettable incidents that took place in Jenin refugee camp in the north of the West Bank on Friday, 27 December 2013, as a result of which a man was killed and another one was injured.  

According to investigations conducted by PCHR and eyewitnesses’ accounts, at approximately 12:00 on Friday, 27 December 2013, Rifqi Sa’id al-Rukh, 49, from Jenin refugee camp in the north of the West Bank, was killed by a bullet to the head during an exchange of fire between two families in the camp.  Soon after, Palestinian security forces were deployed in the camp and a number of public figures in the camp, including Sheikh Mahmoud al-Sa’di, a leader of Islamic Jihad, intervened to prevent any further developments.  At approximately 16:00 on the same day, a number of security officers wearing black uniform attempted to arrests Sheikh al-Sa’di.  They fired a number of live bullets, 3 of which hit Sheikh al-Sa’di in his left leg.  Immediately, a number of young men threw stones at the security officers who were forced to leave the area.  Sheikh al-Sa’di was evacuated to the hospital.

PCHR strongly condemns these regrettable incidents in Jenin, and:

1.     Calls upon the Attorney General to seriously investigate the death of al-Rukh and the injury of Sheikh al-Sa’di and bring the perpetrators before justice;

2.     Calls upon security services to open a serious investigation into the excessive use of force by security officers while attempting to arrest Sheikh al-Sa’di and publish the results of such investigation;

3.     Calls upon the government in Ramallah to issue clear instructions to control the use of firearms by law enforcement officials.