PCHR Calls upon Palestinian Government to Annul Unfair Early Retirement of 6,145 Civil Servants


Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, July 11, 2017

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) is seriously concerned over the decision of the National Unity Government in Ramallah against civil servants in the Gaza Strip. The decision stipulates early retirement of thousands of civil servants without any legal justification and in violation of the Amended Civil Service Law no. 4/2005. PCHR is concerned that this decision will be a step leading to the Palestinian government’s abandonment of its legal obligations towards the Gaza Strip, especially as the decision comes following a series of measures taken against the Gaza Strip population. These measures included deducting one third of the public servants’ salaries under the pretext of austerity measures adopted by the Palestinian Authority (PA); minimizing the number of medical referrals abroad for the Gaza Strip patients; minimizing the medical consignments and disposables; and suspension of dues of 277 of the former prisoners…