PCHR Strongly Condemns Israeli Knesset’s Approval of the first preliminary reading of Bill to expel families of Palestinians involved in attacks


Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, December 23, 2018

On Wednesday, 19 December 2018, the Israeli Knesset approved the first preliminary reading of a bill to expel families of Palestinians involved in attacks to other areas in the West Bank. Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) denounces in the strongest terms the approval of this bill, which violates the international law and human rights.

Under the abovementioned bill, in favor of which 69 Knesset members voted while 38 objected and the Arab Members of the Keenest were expelled for their objection, it allows “expelling families and relatives of Palestinians who carry out or are involved in attacks against Israelis from their hometowns to other areas of the West Bank within a week of the alleged attack.”

On Sunday, 16 December 2018, the Knesset’s Ministerial Committee for Legislation approved the bill, which was submitted by the “Jewish Home” right wing party headed by Minister of Education in the Israeli government, Naftali Bennett…