Stop the Genocide


Center for Constitutional Rights, 13.11.2023

United States Complicity and Failure to Prevent the Israeli Government’s Unfolding Genocide of Palestinians

The Israeli government is committing genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza with unconditional U.S. support.

Genocide is the gravest of crimes under international law. As defined by the international Genocide Convention (1948), genocide refers to specific actions – such as killing or deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about the destruction of a group in whole or in part – taken with the intention of destroying, in whole or in part, the group targeted, including on ethnic or national grounds.

Numerous Israeli government leaders have expressed clear genocidal intentions and deployed dehumanizing characterizations of Palestinians, including “human animals.” At the same time, the Israeli military has bombed civilian areas and infrastructure, including by using chemical weapons, and deprived Palestinians of everything necessary for human life, including water, food, electricity, fuel, and medicine. Those statements of intent – when combined with mass killing, causing serious bodily and mental harm, and the total siege and closure creating conditions of life to bring about the physical destruction of the group – reveal evidence of an unfolding crime of genocide…

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