In Serious Escalation of Using Excessive Lethal Force Against Peaceful Protestors in Eastern Gaza Strip, Israeli Forces Kill 7 Civilians, Including 2 Children, and Wound 203 Others, Including 28 Children, 4 Women, 4 Journalists, and Paramedic


Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, September 28, 2018

On Friday afternoon, 28 September 2018, using excessive force against the peaceful protesters in the eastern Gaza Strip for the 27th Friday in a row, Israeli forces Killed 7 Palestinian civilians, including 2 children, and wounded 203 others, including 28 children, 4 women, 2 journalists, and a paramedic with live bullets and direct tear gas canisters. Ten of those wounded sustained serious wounds.

According to PCHR fieldworkers’ observations, the border area witnessed heavy deployment of the Israeli forces this week as the latter heavily fired live bullets, increasing the number of causalities .

The Israeli forces continued to use upon highest military and political echelons excessive force against the peaceful demonstrators who posed no threat or danger to the life of Israeli soldiers in the areas of demonstrations.

Investigations and observations by PCHR’s fieldworkers emphasize that the demonstrations in all areas were as always fully peaceful, and neither weapons nor armed persons were seen. However, the Israeli forces’ snipers continued to position on the hills, behind the sand berms and in military jeeps along the border fence…