On 42nd Friday of Great March of Return and Breaking Siege, Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Woman and Wound 128 Civilians, including 14 Children, 3 Women, 2 Journalists and 2 Paramedics


Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, January 11, 2019

On Friday afternoon, 11 January 2019, Israeli forces Killed a 45-year-old Palestinian woman and wounded 128 Civilians, including 14 Children, 3 women, 2 Journalists and 2 Paramedics, in an excessive use of force against the peaceful demonstrators in the eastern Gaza Strip though the demonstrations have scaled down for the eleventh week consecutively and despite absence of most means usually used during the demonstrations since the beginning of the Return and Breaking the Siege March 9 months ago.

According to observations by PCHR’s fieldworkers, Though the demonstrators were around between tens and hundreds of meters away from the border fence, the Israeli forces who stationed in prone positions and in military jeeps along the fence continued to use excessive force against the demonstrators by opening fire and firing teargas canisters at them.  As a result, many of the demonstrators were hit with bullets and teargas canisters to their head without posing any imminent threat or danger to the life of soldiers…