PCHR Calls for Investigation into Death Circumstances of Young Man only Few Hours after Being Arrested by Israeli Forces


Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, September 18, 2018

Today morning, 18 September 2018, Mohammed al-Khatib, from Beit Rima village, northwest of Ramallah, died only few hours after being arrested by the Israeli forces.  The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) calls for an immediate and impartial investigation into the death circumstances of al-Khatib and expresses its deep concern that the Israeli forces had properly practiced torture against him immediately after his arrest.

According to PCHR’s investigations and eyewitnesses’ accounts, at approximately 06:00 today, 18 September 2018, Israeli soldiers sneaked into Beit Rima village, northwest of Ramallah, via a civilian white Volkswagen Caravelle with a Palestinian registration plate.  The vehicle stopped near a house belonging to the family of Mohammed Zaghloul al-Khatib (24), and the Israeli soldiers stepped out of it to raid al-Khatib’s bedroom.  They had brutally beaten him before arresting and taking him to an unknown destination.  In the morning, an Israeli officer called the brother of the abovementioned and asked him if Mohammed suffers from a certain disease, but his brother denied so.  Shortly, the family received a phone call from the Palestinian Liaison informing them that their son died.  It should be mentioned that al-Khatib was previously wounded by the Israeli forces with a bullet to his foot one year and a half ago.  Moreover, the Israeli authorities so far detain his body and have not delivered it yet to his family or the Palestinian competent authorities…