War on Gaza: Children are starving to death. The political games must end now


Miranda Cleland, 19.03.2024

Hungry Palestinians cannot wait for Biden to air drop enough food for two million people, or build a pier in the Mediterranean Sea.

Twenty eight Palestinians, nearly all children, have starved to death  in Gaza in recent days, according to the Palestinian health ministry. Tomorrow, that number will increase, and the next day, it will climb even higher.

Starvation is not a death of natural causes in a world that grows and produces more than enough food to feed everyone. Palestinian children in Gaza are not starving to death because farmers had a dry season. The starvation of children is a political choice made by Israel and buoyed by the Biden administration’s complicity.

Israeli authorities have continually blocked and severely restricted the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza. So far in March, an average of 168 aid trucks have crossed into Gaza on a daily basis, far below the 500 trucks that entered Gaza daily before 7 October – and nowhere close to what is needed to prevent more children from starving to death…

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