On Latest Developments in the File of Crimes Committed by Israeli Forces, Closing the investigation into the Crime of ” Black Friday ” Reaffirms that the Judiciary Constitutes Legal Cover for Israeli Crimes


Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, August 24, 2018
PCHR Calls Upon Prosecutor of  International Criminal Court to Conduct Comprehensive International Investigation into the Israeli Crimes
On 15 August 2018, the Israeli Military Prosecution decided to close the file investigation related to the killing of dozens of Palestinian civilians by Israeli forces in an intensive bombardment, which indiscriminately targeted civilian areas in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip. The Israeli bombardment was carried out on 01 August 2014, during the latest Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, and became known as “Black Friday”.
The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) affirms that the Israeli decision is a new affirmation that the Israeli justice system does not provide any justice to the Palestinians, constitutes a legal cover for the Israeli crimes and grants immunity to war criminals. PCHR calls upon that the Prosecutor of  the International Criminal Court to conduct comprehensive international investigation into the crimes committed by the Israeli forces in occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).
The Israeli prosecution justified its decision in its report, which included declaring the closure of  other cases, that “the Israeli military prosecutor has concluded that the policy of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) regarding the use of firepower during the fighting, whether through artillery, mortars and airstrikes, came in accordance with Israeli law and the requirements of international law.
The prosecution’s decision added that ” all attacks were conducted to achieve a clear and legitimate military objective, after an appropriate estimation, to make sure that the accidental losses expected of the attack will not be exaggerated compared to the military advantage expected to be achieved from the attack“…