PCHR Receives International Delegation


Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, March 7, 2017

Yesterday, 06 March 2017, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) received a number of delegations and representatives from international partner organizations in its head office in Gaza City.  The meetings addressed local council elections, siege, human rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territory, and the importance of international humanitarian law for the conflict.

PCHR received a delegation from the EU comprised of two political officers identified as Joris Van Winckle and Peter Mossop. The meeting addressed the human rights situation in the Gaza Strip and PCHR’s position towards elections. Sourani Suggested to cancel these elections if they were held in the West Bank as it would deepen the Palestinian political split. Sourani also called upon the relevant parties to simultaneously hold elections in the West Bank and Gaza strip, warning of the consequences of holding them without Gaza. Sourani further called for starting internal negotiations to consensually hold elections as soon as possible. He also discussed the catastrophic consequences of illegal and inhuman closure consecutively imposed for the 10th year on Gaza and considered as the greatest man-made disaster. Sourani urged the EU to take practical measures to stop this crime, which is considered as a crime against humanity.  Sourani also talked about the four human rights organizations’ work on accountability, precisely the latest developments on the ICC submissions…