Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (04 – 11 May 2016)


By Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, May 12, 2016

Israeli forces continued to open fire at the Gaza Strip border area.

A Palestinian woman was killed and 2 others, including a child, were wounded.

Israeli warplanes carried out 10 airstrikes on the Gaza Strip.

A civilian and 2 members of Palestinian armed groups were wounded.

Israeli forces continued to use excessive force in the oPt

6 Palestinian civilians, including 2 journalists, were wounded in the West Bank.

Israeli forces conducted 74 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and a limited one in the Gaza Strip.

68 civilians, including 13 children and 2 women, were arrested.

20 of them, including 5 children and a woman, were arrested in occupied Jerusalem.

Israeli forces continued to target Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip Sea.

2 Palestinian fishermen were arrested and their fishing boat was confiscated.

Israeli forces continued their efforts to create Jewish majority in occupied East Jerusalem.

Settlement organizations seized a plot of land in Shaikh Jarrah and a property in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Settlement activities continued in the West Bank.

An underconstruction house in al-Walaja village, northwest of Bethlehem, was demolished.

Israeli forces turned the West Bank into cantons and continued to impose the illegal closure on the Gaza Strip for the 9th

Dozens of temporary checkpoints were established in the West Bank and others were re-established to obstruct the movement of Palestinian civilians.

8 Palestinian civilians, including a woman, were arrested at military checkpoints in the West Bank…